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About Angel Repairs About Us!
We expend the extra effort to ensure a smooth device repair journey.

Angel repairs in Bradford was specifically formed to plug a gap that has opened within the Bradford area for high quality customer focused repairs. We go to extra lengths to ensure a high customer satisfaction in comparison to competing services. While it would be extremely easy for us to make excessive claims about our expertise we instead prefer to let the quality of our workmanship do the talking.

We can fix it almost as fast as you can break it.
We don't do waiting rooms.

We consider our service vastly superior due to the stringent fault tolerance guidelines we expect of our suppliers with a deliberate diversification of our supply chain allowing us to adapt to any sudden shocks in the industry. This allows us to maintain quality along with competitive pricing.

Jack Higgins History
Jack Higgins, Director

“Jack Higgins has a proven track records with developing brands within the telecommunications sector, Jack who previously founded and subsequently sold the Go-Mobile chain of stores currently sits on the board of directors for Repair Lab a business focusing on device repair in the Leeds West Yorkshire area.”

Stuart Hudson Founder
Stuart HudsonCo-Founder

“Stuart has been responsible for guiding the business to the unassailable position it finds itself in today offering unrivaled customer service. ”

Jordan Saxelby
Jordan Saxelby Chief Technical Officer

“Jordan possesses a wide range of expertise which he is able to masterfully utilise in order to perform flawless repairs each and every time. ”


Angel Repairs Continues To Gain Momentum, through our continued retail expansion and aquisition of skilled staff. .